Types of Hair Highlighting Techniques: Ombre, Balayage, Sombre, Flamboyage

Types of hair highlighting

Types of Hair Highlighting Techniques

“Ombre”, “sombre”, “balayage”, “flamboyage” – Familiar words? Probably you’ve heard these words from hair stylists, colorists and your friends who have been to hair salon. These are all types of hair highlighting techniques.

Maybe you know these words, but can you really distinguish them? So, how to explain to hair stylist what you want?

Are you on your way to beauty salon? You don’t feel so comfortable with your hair color anymore and need a change? Then strands are just right for you! Nowadays, we can look forward to many different coloring techniques that set flattering accents with blonde strands. What types of hair highlighting are there, and which ones suit you? 2021 is an ideal year to try something new! Let’s observe some of the Hollywood’s favorite hair highlighting techniques in more detail.



Types of hair highlighting

The balayage look is still and always will be one of the hottest hair trends – this is already proven by the group of celebrities who prefer these highlights. Whether Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, or Giselle Bundchen: balayage is just right for every woman!

Balayage hair highlighting technique was created by French colorists and it means to sweep, which refers the way how it is applied. You do not completely change the color of your hair, highlights will be in specific areas to give natural-looking sun-kissed hair
The hairdresser applies the bleaching to individual strands, which are incredibly unique depending on the head shape and hair length. Characteristically, the strands don’t all start at the roots but at different heights. This is what the balayage job looks like.

A balayage appointment is quite expensive, as the hairdresser needs time to place the individual strands correctly. But this technique has one significant advantage: you don’t have to go to the roots every month! Even when the strands grow out, the look looks natural. Since the tips are particularly stressed with such a highlighting technique, you should regularly rely on an extra care portion.

This type of hair highlighting you can apply in any type of hair: straight or curly, blonde or red, short or long. And to achieve a good result you need to find a really good colorist.



Types of hair highlighting

The so-called ombre technique is all about lightening the tips. The transition does not have to be incredibly smooth, it involves gradual transition from dark to light color, from roots to ends. Ombre is a very modern look that has been around for a long time and is still popular.

In contrast to the balayage look, all the tips are bleached with the ombre effect, which creates an exceptionally uniform look. Moreover, in ombre highlighting hair comes in more horizontal direction, while in balayage it comes in vertical. Such makes an ombre look less subtle, but it is an absolute eye-catcher!

If you don’t feel like playing a subtle play of colors, you should opt for the ombre look. When bleaching, the hair is roughened and damaged. Hair breakage is often the result. Proper care will help you repair damage and keep your mane shiny. It would help if you considered a shampoo and conditioner that cares for your hair while washing your hair with essential oils.

Ombre is for those who look for contrast, but don’t want to damage hair with bleaching. Ombre can also work for any hair type or color, a professional colorist will create unique hair highlighting that will look best on you.



You already know the two-color techniques of ombre and balayage. You can’t choose between because you think both are beautiful? Good news: there is a lovely compromise that combines the benefits of both looks! He calls himself “Sombre,” which is the short form for “Soft Ombre.”

In contrast to the classic ombre, the sombre creates a much smoother color transition without hard edges. There won’t be a great contrast between the color of roots and ends, and no lines of demarcation.

As with balayage, the hairdresser will work in many fine blonde strands to conjure up a harmonious gradient. Another difference: with balayage, not all of the tips are usually colored. With the sombre, all of the leads are lightened. Here, too, you benefit from the fact that you don’t have to run to the hairdresser every three weeks because the roots are typically not colored lighter.

Even sombre is a more subtle version of ombre, it takes the same amount of time – about 3-4 hours.



Flamboyage is a new technique that is gaining in popularity. The latter is mainly because it requires less maintenance. It’s a combination of ombre and balayage. The difference between the dark top and lighter bottom is softened by lightening individual strands.

The flamboyage technique uses transparent pieces of plastic that are self-adhesive. With the tip of a comb, thin tufts are separated with the weaving method. These stick to the transparent plastic. Now the hairs can be dyed or bleached in the desired shade or shades with the brush. The flamboyage technique is very similar to the foliage or foil technique.

This type of hair highlighting technique is great for those who look for natural-looking super subtle hair. Even after your hair has grown out, the color of your hair will look natural.


Hair care after highlighting

A lot of people complain of different types of problems like weakened hair after highlighting their hair. This is because of the lack of proper care colored hair needs. If you adhere to appointments with your hairdresser and use the right products to care for your hair, you are assured of enjoying healthy highlighted hair as long as you want.

Even very damaged hair can be beautifully shiny again, thanks to high-quality plant extracts! If you avoid using aggressive sulfates and cheap silicones, dry out the hair in the long term. Instead, use pure ingredients from nature that repair the hair fibers and seal porous areas. The hair feels much softer and looks shinier after the first wash. A proper hair regime, mostly when you have highlighted your hair is essential. It ensures that you stay healthy even after using chemicals during coloring that might not be very hair friendly.


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