Is Your Baby Hysterically Crying? – Main Reasons and Solutions

Baby crying hysterically

Crying: A Crucial Part of Your Baby’s Language

Babies are adorable because of their undeniable cuteness, often funny behavior, and helpless nature. Most of the time, babies can be all fun and smiles and these moments can make you the happiest parent in the world. But there are times when your baby is crying hysterically and that can be very challenging. And if you are a new parent, it would most likely throw you off, stress you out, and really cause you to worry so much for your baby.

But your baby’s crying is not meant to upset you. Babies cry because they use that as a part of their language. It is how they communicate something that bothers or hurts them.

To help you in dealing with your baby’s hysterics, listed below are the main reasons and solutions for your baby’s hysterical crying.


Main Reasons for Baby Crying Hysterically and How to Solve Them

Baby crying hysterically

1) Your baby is hungry or thirsty

The doctors say that a baby should be fed with milk every two hours of every day. Sometimes breastfeeding might not be enough and the baby will still feel hungry and starts crying in order to notify mother. Because of stress or not properly eating on time a mother will have less milk than usual. However, it’s impossible for mother to know that until her baby starts crying hysterically. If that’s the case, during the first trimester you may give baby nutrition. Once they grow up a few months later, they could be fed with small portions of soft foods throughout the day.

Once your baby feels hungry or thirsty, the easiest way for them to convey it is through crying. If they reach a point where they are too hungry or too thirsty, they could cry hysterically to get your attention until you finally feed them with milk or soft foods.

You can avoid or solve this problem by making sure you clock the feeding habit of your baby so that you can anticipate when your baby will become hungry or thirsty.


2) Your baby is uncomfortable

If an adult, like you, is uncomfortable in any way, you will immediately change your position or condition to make yourself comfortable and at ease. However, it is very different for babies.

Babies do not know yet how to move in a coordinated manner like adults and they are often lying in bed or sitting on a high chair. If your baby feels uncomfortable in a certain position or in a certain clothing, your baby would probably end up crying. Or it can be a signal for you that it’s time to change diapers. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and when diapers are wet or when baby doesn’t like the texture of the diapers, baby can’t sleep properly because of skin irritation.

You can solve this problem by making sure that baby is dry and you change the position or clothing of your baby from time to time so that they will always be comfortable and at ease. Moreover, if you notice redness and irritation on baby’s skin immediately apply baby cream and switch to other diapers.

3) Your baby is too hot or too cold

It can be irritating when it’s too hot and it can be numbing when it’s too cold. Lucky for us, we have a way to control the weather and surrounding temperature through appliances and clothing.

Now, if your baby is too hot, he/she would sweat like a machine since babies naturally sweat easily. If your baby is too cold, he/she would have goosebumps and shiver from the harsh temperature. Besides, one of the signals that your baby is starting feeling cold is hiccup. If it reaches a point that your baby can no longer stand the harsh temperature, he/she will end up crying.

You can solve this by always touching and observing your baby. If you feel or see that your baby is sweating or shivering too much, then you should immediately adjust the temperature of your room. Also, make sure that baby dressed properly according to the temperature.


4) Your baby is in pain

If your baby is experiencing pain in the stomach or in any other part of the body due to some reasons or sicknesses, then your baby will most definitely cry hysterically until the pain goes away. During the first trimester this happens often. What mother eats will definitely influence her milk, therefore when mother doesn’t follow a diet baby will suffer from bloating or colic in the stomach.

Other than pain in stomach what disturbs babies more are the pain in ears, sore throat and head. Before giving any medications first determine which part of the body is in pain, since your baby can’t explain it to you.

You can solve this by immediately calling your baby’s doctor and reporting any signs or symptoms of pain so that you will be advised to do the necessary actions to resolve it.

5) Your baby is sick

If your baby has fever, cold, cough, flu, or any other illness, he/she will feel weakly, stressed, irritated, and in pain. During this time, he/she may cry much more often than what’s normal. Furthermore, the baby becomes more capricious and during night might not sleep properly waking up every hour. This will continue several days until the baby gets well.

The only way to solve this is by calling your baby’s doctor or by directly going to the emergency room so that your baby will be properly attended to immediately.


6) Your baby is sleepy

Babies love to sleep and even if they do, most of the time, they will cry first before eventually going into deep sleep. Why? It is because they tend to fight their sleepiness or they still want to stay awake in order to play or interact with others.

Know about sleeping hours of baby and do not drive he or she to hysterically crying. For adults it’s different, but for babies even extra half an hour can make them over exhausted.

You can solve this by making them feel ultra-comfortable when you see that they are feeling sleepy. You can also aid their sleep by playing sleep-inducing music or you can sing to them so that they would fall asleep faster.

7) Your baby is bored or scared

Babies like playing and communicating with others, this is the way to them to learn the world and people. But, what to do if mother needs to work or do some household chores. Baby can tolerate it, but only for very short of time.

Babies want to get all parents’ attention and spend with them all time when they are awake. If you leave baby alone he gets bored easily and even toys or elder siblings won’t help. Nobody can replace the mother and when baby doesn’t see her a little longer he or she thinks that lost her and starts to cry hysterically.

The solution in this situation is doing house work like cooking, washing or cleaning while baby is sleeping or ask for someone’s help. If it’s a work-related stuff then grandparents can help a lot. With them baby will be in safety


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