12 Signs that a Man is in Love

signs that a man is in love

12 Signs that a Man is in Love

When it comes to men, it can sometimes be confusing to know just how he feels about you. While women are considerably much more emotionally in-tune with their feelings, men aren’t nearly as simple. Years and years of continual pressure to stay “tough” and “strong” have resulted in men not willing to be as vulnerable around a woman as she may be around him. Therefore, a man might not say, but show some hidden signs to express that he is in love.

That said, there are still little things he may do, consciously or unconsciously, that will let you know that he views you as something more than just a fun time or something not worth taking seriously. That’s right, ladies, here are the 12 ways you can learn whether he loves you.


1. He Makes you a Priority

For many men, women are considered as largely a supplement to his life. Because of this, he will often only show you just as much time or interest as he needs to keep you involved.

If he loves you, however, this all changes. Instead of only calling you when he wants something out of it, he’ll actively want to be around you simply for your company. Instead of using you to enhance his own life, he will actively try to accommodate yours.

2. You’ve Met his Family and Friends

Sorry to say this, girls, but if you’re wondering whether he truly loves you or not, ask yourself if you’ve met his family or not. As with anyone, guys just don’t bring home anyone to meet their mom and dad. You might have had an informal meeting with the siblings, but until he initiates you meeting his family, he probably hasn’t fully committed himself to you just yet.

Similar to family, if you’ve met his friends, it’s basically the trial run for meeting his family. Especially, if these are his best friends, and he’s made an actual introduction to you on his part, you know that he’s serious about you.

He introduces you to his family and his friends, that means you also become the part of his personal life. These are the signs that a man is in love.


3. He is Open with You and Expect the Same from You

Another huge one, a guy may humor you by asking your advice on a few small things once and a while if he’s not serious. However, as he grows more attached to you, he will gradually look to you as a trusted outlet that he can rely on. If he’s willing to be vulnerable around you in order to get your opinion on something, you know he legitimately cares.

He shares with you his thoughts and feeling and sometimes the deepest secrets. Moreover, he can share with you his childhood memories to let you know him better. At the same time, he expects you to share your feelings, thoughts, worries and dreams. He wants to know about you more and more.

signs that a man is in love

4. He Plans the Future

While he may rarely use the words, “When we get married and so on”, if he’s giving off that true love vibe, he is likely to say, “Hey, babe, let’s go to California next weekend”. While this may seem considerably less stakes than the marriage planning, to a guy it’s no less as serious. He’s actively planning the future and seeing you in those plans.


5. He Shows His Affection by Touching

Maybe he doesn’t tell you that he loves you, but you can notice it from his behavior in public and in private as well. He may pat your head to express his care. He holds your hand gently to show his support. When in public he may hug your shoulder to express “She is mine”. Also, he may put his hands around your waist or touch your hair, just because he knows when you need a bit of affection.

6. He Pulls Back

This might seem a bit weird and confusing, but trust me, it’s actually a good sign. If a guy pulls away from you a bit, this more often means that he himself is realizing that his feelings for you are much stronger than casual. Like we said earlier, men have been trained to believe that vulnerability is a weakness.

Just give him time, be supportive, and tell him how you feel upfront first. This will show him that if he does actually show vulnerability around you, he won’t have to worry about getting stabbed in the heart.


7. You Have Bitter Fights and He Still Stays

Now, let’s make one thing clear. This isn’t about toxic relationships that held together by dysfunction. What I mean is, in the heat of a rare argument between the two of you, he doesn’t just “walk away” from the relationship. In most instances, if men are no longer having fun, they don’t want to play. If he still sticks around to make things work, consider that maybe he’s in this for the long haul.

That said, this method is more of a verification after a fight rather than something you should try to test out yourself. Realistically, if he loves you enough to stick around, he’ll have already shown some of the other signs beforehand. If he doesn’t consider that he may have some other issues going on and that this relationship may not be nearly as healthy as you think.

signs that a man is in love

8. He Doesn’t Stray

This is multi-faceted. The first is in relation to other women while you’re around. While we are all biological creatures that can’t help but shift attention towards attractive members of the opposite sex, a man that is truly in love with his woman somehow naturally is able to override this instinct, keeping you fully in his attention.

The other aspect is when you aren’t around. If he doesn’t love you, he’s going to be pretty apparent when it comes to other women. While he may never say outright that he’s cheating on you, women may be allowed to be much friendlier to him than if he has made it very clear that he’s spoken for.


9. He Supports You

Rather than simply making you a priority in his life, he actively supports you in building up your own. If you have a dream, goal, or passion, if he loves you, he’ll be the first person cheering you on to hit that goal. Whether it is opening a restaurant, studying at university or taking dancing classes – whatever your goal is he always supports you.

If he doesn’t care, that means he doesn’t care.

10. He Stares at You and Smiles

Now I’m not talking about anything creepy here. It’s kind of like how you will sometimes stare at him if you’ve similarly caught the love bug. It’s that unconscious taking them in as you just see what makes them. This is impossible to explain but it’s something that everyone knows when they see it. It is almost embarrassing for the person being looked at as they feel like their very soul is being looked at. But, this is the way how a man expresses signs that he is in love.

If he’s doing that, make no mistake. He’s in love.


11. He Knows What Can Make You Happy

It is not about buying expensive gifts or giving flowers like anyone can do, it’s about noticing small details. He knows your most and least favorite food, a TV show that you like to watch or the color of lipstick that you prefer.

Even when giving gifts he always considers your interests and preferences rather than picking something that someone recommended. For example, a bracelet that you wanted to buy or tickets for concert of your favorite singer.

He knows how to rise your mood and tries to engage with you on a more personal level.

signs that a man is in love

12. He Drops Everything When You Need Him

This is one of the most obvious signs that a man is in love. When you need him to help with something, to cry or whatever reason, he is always there. He doesn’t complain or blame you, he just does whatever he can do. More than that, later he won’t remind how or how many times he helped you.


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