Natural Hot Springs Around the World for Relaxation, Therapy and Spa

natural hot springs

Natural Hot Springs

Whether it is winter or summer, day or night relaxing in the hot spring with beautiful nature and view is the best relaxation for body and mind. In this article you can find ten the best and the most beautiful natural hot springs for bath lovers around the world.



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Blue Lagoon in Iceland is among the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic and it’s in a list of top 10 spas in the world. Blue Lagoon has highly beneficial waters rich in minerals, where you can find a highly complete tourist place that includes the SPA and a restaurant with typical cuisine. Also, there is a hotel with suites directly overlooking the basin and private rooms carved into the volcanic rock.

It is a wonderful place of peace, dominated by turquoise waters, accompanied by the benefits arising from the volcanic nature of the lagoon. Treatments with an alga that grows only in these waters and by the typical white mineral of the lagoon, silica, you can have the best relaxation and therapy for your body and skin. The temperature of the water is about 39 C (102 F) all year round. Every 48 hours the water in the Blue Lagoon renews itself. To get in you need to book in advance, days or sometimes weeks before.



natural hot springs
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An ancient stone mill, small waterfalls, lush vegetation, limestone pools full of warm and beneficial blue waters – these are all about Mulino’s Waterfalls which are in Italy.
The legend says it was a thunderbolt thrown by Jupiter that gave life to this hidden paradise.

Waters come from Amiata mount out, and during their long underground journey they are enriched with minerals and natural substances that give them important beneficial properties. The water is warm all year round with constant temperatures of 37 C. The entry to the Cascade del Mulino is free and hot springs are open 24/7. It is a natural hot spring with sulphuric water and around its edges there is a grey mud mix which is good for skin.



natural hot springs

An area of natural pools as white as milk, so large that you can already see it from 20 kilometers away. People also call it “cotton castle” because of its appearance. Pamukkale is one of the most beautiful natural hot springs not only in Turkey, but in the world too. The water in there is rich in calcium and it always flows at 36 C. The shades are always different, changing according to the time of day.

Besides the white calcium outdoor pools you can also enjoy the view of the Roman ruins of Hierapolis, the Archeological Museum and the Antique Pool. Here’s the Cleopatra Pool, an oasis of mineral-rich water where you can literally swim among the historical ruins.



natural hot springs

Literally inside the volcano and the water is heated by the lava. It’s wonderful to take a bath in the waters while you look up and see the erupting volcano. In Tabacon hot springs there’s also a restaurant to dine right in the water.

Tabacon has 5 springs with different water temperature from 25 C to 50 C. Water in the thermal river is always warm because of the still active Arenal Volcano. There you can enjoy a variety of therapy and spa facilities. All pools are surrounded by garden, so you can enjoy the view while relaxing in natural hot springs and having a refreshing drink.



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Orakei Korako is home to geysers, caves, bubbling mud pools and hot springs that come together to create an enchanting environment. This area’s a must for anyone visiting New Zealand and has been named the best spa area in the country by Lonely Planet.

People describe Orakei Korako as “the Hidden Valley” for its silica terraces, geothermal caves, natural hot spring and geysers. According to the fact there are more than 250 hot spring and geysers. Sounds great, right?



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It’s one of the most famous “onsen” in the country, and it has earned fame as soon as you arrive in the city. There you can see the steaming vapors coming out of any hole in the ground.

Actually, Japan is the country that attracts many tourists with hot springs and thermal baths of different styles and types. Hells of Beppu are one of the most exciting attractions. There are eight ponds in there and among them the Blood Pond Hell is known for its crimson color. The water is in that color because of the high level of iron and magnesium in clay that seeps into the pool from the ground. However, the temperature of the water in onsen is too high, so be careful.



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Szechenyi Spa Baths in Budapest are the largest spa baths in Europe. 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools with medicinal water attract tourists all over the world. These natural hot springs near Budapest help treat ailments ranging from the most common to orthopedic problems to some types of internal inflammation. Moreover, there you can get services of massage, saunas, facial treatments and various therapies.

Szechenyi Bath is in the City Park near other city attractions. It is the best place for relaxation, spa, therapy and to have fun at affordable price. No need for pre-booking, you can buy tickets on the spot.



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Bali is famous as the place to restore the body, mind and spirit and is also home to one of the most beautiful hot springs in the world. The Banjar Hot Springs is known not only for its hot spring, but also for beautiful surrounding, medicinal water and decorations showing the culture of the country.

There are 3 main pools in Banjar Hot Springs: swimming pool, children’s pool and a pool shower. The content of sulfur in the water is high, therefore it has rather yellowish color. Water temperature is stays constant at about 38 C.



natural hot springs

Well known for dog sledding tours and beautiful views of the Northern Lights, Fairbanks’s also home to a hot spring called Chena. Moreover, in Chena Hot Springs Resort you can visit the world’s largest Ice Museum Aurora. The lake formed in a sulfur-rich rock can exceed 106 degrees, making it a perfect escape from the harsh temperatures of Alaska.

Since their discovery in 1905 natural hot springs in Chena are famous for curing crippled prospectors. Hot springs work all year-round and they offer you variety of packages and tours that you can chose depending on your interest, money or people you travel with.



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Once almost a ghost town, today Dunton is a world-class resort nestled in the mountains of San Juan, Colorado. The six thermal pools take on a red color due to a combination of iron, manganese, calcium-bicarbonate and lithium. The waters reach a temperature of 85-106 degrees, giving guests the thrill of a hot dip.

Dunton Hot Springs are in a form of quaint collection of historic mining cabins. Even the cabins look plain from outside, inside is nothing but an award-winning boutique hotel. Regardless of the season during which you visit you can enjoy outdoor activities in a fresh air like horse riding, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and fly fishing. Hot springs and on-spite spa provide luxurious services and wonderful dishes from chef.


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