Ice Facials: Beauty Benefits of Rubbing Ice on Face

rubbing ice on face

Massaging your face with an ice cube can do wonders for your skin. It can also feel very therapeutic, especially during hot and stressful days! Ice facials are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits for the skin. It increases blood flow and gives your skin a youthful glow. Famous top models and celebrities use ice rubbing treatment on face to have an ideal skin. Whether you want to try it out for the first time or have been doing it for years, read on to discover some of the unique benefits of ice facials.

Reduces irritation caused by hair-plucking

Few of us can go a day without grooming our eyebrows or plucking unsightly hair. And most of us do it by waxing or tweezing our hair one by one. It’s effective in doing its job, but it can also irritate and inflame our skin, especially when you’re removing hair from your face. To soothe your skin and remove the redness caused by inflammation, rub an ice cube on the area after a hair removal treatment.

Makes your skin glow

Rubbing ice cubes on face enhances the flow of oxygen in your face, giving it that youthful glow. This happens when the ice momentarily slows the blood flow on your skin at first, which then signals the body to give it more oxygenated blood. As a result, your skin appears brighter and more radiant.


Fights wrinkles and signs of aging

Did you know rubbing ice cubes on your face can fade wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming? The same thing it does to make your skin glow also helps improve the appearance of crinkles, laugh lines, furrows, and other signs of aging. You can’t turn back the clock but you can definitely still look younger even as you age. By using ice cubes you can exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin layers. This will help to tighten your skin and look younger.

Diminishes eye bags

Eye bags are caused by the accumulation of fluid under your eyes. Why does this happen? It varies from person to person, but it’s usually caused by stress and lack of sleep. Dehydration can also be a factor. When your body doesn’t have enough water, it stores more fluids to keep you hydrated. To fix those eye bags, simply rub an ice cube around your eyes. Ice helps by constricting blood vessels, greatly reducing swelling. This is the fastest method of removing puffiness, especially in the morning before going to work.

Heals chapped lips

Chapped lips are caused by hot, dry weather. It can be a pain to deal with, especially when the skin on your lips breaks, causing your lips to crack and bleed. Not a good sight. When you notice your lips drying up, use ice cubes to moisturize and cool them down. In addition, always keep hydrated and drink more water. You’ll thank yourself for it!

Calms facial acne

Since ice does a good job reducing redness and inflammation, it’s really effective against fighting pimples and other blemishes caused by acne. Ice also helps to cool your face, minimizing the production of oil and sweat, and preventing new pimples from forming. However, don’t use ice treatment too often during winter time, because you may dry out your skin.

Relieves sunburn

Have you been to the beach lately? If you forgot to bring your suntan (which happens), then chances are you might have a bad case of facial sunburn. Save yourself the pain and apply ice to the affected areas. This will soothe the sunburn-affected skin and help it heal faster. Just take a few ice cubes and rub your face, neck and elbows to remove tanning and reduce irritation caused by sunburn.

Stimulates product absorption

Before applying your daily facial creams and moisturizers, try swiping an ice cube over your face first. As you’ve learned, ice temporarily constricts facial capillaries, the tiny blood vessels on your face. This helps with product absorption and ensures that your skin gets all the goodness provided by the product’s ingredients. Moreover, using ice on face reduces skin oiliness and constricts pores, which result you makeup last for longer time.

Alleviates heat rashes

Similar to sunburns, heat rashes can easily become a daily annoyance. It’s itchy, painful, and uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and rub an ice cube over those rashes. This will help ease the redness and irritation. The cooling effect will also feel nice and comfortable on your skin amid the hot weather.


What you need to know before rubbing ice on face

Now that you know the benefits of ice facials, you may want to try it right away! But before you do, keep these things in mind:

1. For best results, perform ice treatments once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes. Don’t overdo it!

2. Don’t let the ice come into contact with your eyes. It can hurt and might lead to an infection.

3. Wash your face before starting ice treatment. Make sure your skin is clean and makeup-free.

4. Don’t put the ice on your face directly. It will sting. Instead, wrap it around a cotton cloth or handkerchief before applying it to your skin.

5. Try not to leave the ice on your skin for more than 20 seconds. This can completely numb your skin. Instead, massage the ice in circular motions around the area so it doesn’t stay in one place.

6. Better not to use ice facials if you suffer from rosacea or redness. Too hot or too cold temperature may worsen the situation.

7. Best to apply ice on face in the morning before wearing a makeup. For problem skin with acne or blemishes better to put ice at night before bedtime.


What you can add to ice cubes

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Making ice cubes is the easiest process that requires only water and freezer. Also, rubbing ice on face is the fastest, cheapest and highly effective facial treatment that you can do at home. You can increase the effectiveness of ice facials by adding additional ingredients.

Coffee or green tea: Caffeine helps to get rid of bags under eyes very quickly.
Rose water: Several drops of rose water will give you fresh look when you don’t get enough sleep.
Lavender oil: Ice cubes in addition with lavender oil reduce the possibility of wrinkles.
Milk: Cubes made from milk effectively exfoliate your skin.
Blueberry puree and cucumber: Adding these products to milk will help to tighten skin and give youthful look.
Aloe vera: Aloe vera ice cubes soothe and nourish skin after sunburn.
Almond: Add 2-3 almonds if you have dry skin.
Lime juice: For oily skin best to use ice cubes with lime juice.

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to achieving glowing, radiant skin. Once you start doing this regularly, people will be asking what your secret is! Show them this article and help them discover the wonders of ice facials.


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