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Secrets to a Hollywood Smile

Secrets to a Hollywood smile

Secrets to a Hollywood Smile

Neat hairstyle, beautiful makeup, white straight teeth, and a perfect smile – there is something special in film stars’ look. Whenever they start posing in front of the cameras you can see a charming smile that gives us imagination they were born to be a celebrity. Good news that you can also have a Hollywood smile if you know the secrets to it.

Celebrities’ smiles may not be as natural as we all may think. For many celebrities their teeth just like the rest of their face have a lot of effort of money put into looking the way they do. If you want to have a perfect smile like celebrities, then this article will be highly informative to you. These dental procedures will enlighten you as to what celebrities actually do to have a bright white smile. Also, they will open you up to procedures you yourself may want to undertake.

Secrets to a Hollywood smile

Teeth Whitening

You follow the oral hygiene and clean your teeth each time after having meal, but still don’t like your discolored teeth. So, what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you have bright and white teeth?

Despite the fact that celebrities eat, drink and do things all of us regular people do, they still manage to have the clearest and whitest of teeth, even through the course of time and natural aging. One of the secrets is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can occur through various dental treatments. It is more or less achievable from whitening strips seen at pharmacies to extensive dental procedures solely focused on eradicating the yellowing and build up on your teeth’s surface.

Organic molecules found in some foods like coffee, tea, wine, berries and cigarette penetrate into teeth and form stain. Teeth whitening works by breaking down and removing stain using peroxide. Peroxide penetrates the tooth enamel and destroys the staining molecules making teeth noticeably whiter in less than one hour.

Invisalign & Other Orthodontics

White as pearl teeth is not the only secret to a Hollywood smile of celebrities. Celebrities also have the risk of being born with crooked teeth, but unlike us, they are always in front of a camera. Therefore, they cannot resort to the regular methods that can make them look less favorable to the public. Orthodontic methods such as the dreaded metal-filled mouth braces is not the best solution when you work for camera.

Instead, celebrities go straight for orthodontic procedures to straighten their pearly whites. Others go for Invisalign procedure. This is a product that you can easily slide onto your teeth that will overtime condition them into obedience like normal braces would. The only exception is that they’re virtually invisible. Unlike children adults don’t like to demonstrate in public eye orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is an ideal treatment for patients who want to straighten teeth and correct malocclusion without making it obvious to others. Moreover, invisalign plastic aligners are less painful, so you don’t need to worry about mouth sores because of brackets and wires.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry. The reason why celebrities prefer dental veneers is because in a no time they can get a new ideal smile. Porcelain veneers can help with the problems of discolored teeth, crooked or chipped teeth, not attractive smile and can correct all at same time.

You can cover with porcelain veneer just one tooth, several or the whole bottom and top rows of teeth. They are made of very thin custom-designed ceramic that you won’t feel discomfort. Despite that they look thin and fragile, actually they are stronger than natural tooth enamel. Besides they are stain-resistant and shatter resistant, and with proper care porcelain veneers can last up to twenty years.

This procedure is high-durable, but does not last forever and is irreversible. However, considering that celebrities have to maintain this procedure and keep their real teeth from seeing the light of day, this procedure is not a very hard sell for them. For regular consumers, it is a considerable decision to really think about considering teeth underneath will be shaved down to a strange looking nub. This is necessary in order to fit the porcelain veneers. They will be placed over top your teeth and sealed to hide the now misshapen teeth. If you have the budget for future visits, then by all means.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

If you don’t want to damage the appearance of your actual teeth for the sake of porcelain veneers that are placed over top of your teeth, then teeth bonding may be the right option for you. This is a sneaky way to hide the imperfections of your teeth through molding and shaping, then drying resin of the same shade of your teeth. It’s sneaky, easy and won’t damage the shape and appearance of your real teeth. The caveat for teeth bonding is that you must care for it regularly and watch what you eat. Because really hard food can damage the resin.

Comparing with crowns and veneers dental bonding is a quite quick process that it can be completed in one visit. Whether you have space between teeth, or teeth that are stained, chipped or cracked dental boding can improve all of them. Also, it is less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures. However, dental bonding won’t last as long as a veneer, as the base for it is a resin and it does stain over time.

Today, when cosmetic dentistry is so developed, having a perfect smile just like celebrities is not a dream anymore. After several visits to a professional dentist you will know what are the secrets to a Hollywood smile and can also be a holder of it.


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