Surprising Effects of Smoking That You Didn’t Know

Effects of smoking

About negative effects of smoking to the health probably you have heard a lot. It’s not a secret that nicotine harms in many ways starting from teeth problems and ending with lung cancer and heart diseases. But, there are more surprising effects of smoking to your body and look that you didn’t know.

How many times have you heard others to tell you about quitting smoking? You still can’t do it? Then we highly recommend you to read this article. Probably after getting to know unexpected ways it affect your body you will finally quit smoking.


So what are the effects of smoking that we didn’t know?


Sagging arms and breasts

What makes your skin tight and resilient? Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible to this function. Most of chemicals in tobacco smoke cause the destruction of these fibers. As a result your skin starts sagging and losing its elasticity.

At the beginning you will see sagging skin and deep wrinkles on face and later other body parts will also suffer. This includes breasts and inner arms. It is scientifically proven that smoking is the main reason of sagging breasts.


Rheumatoid arthritis

What is rheumatoid arthritis and how it is linked to smoking? Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term autoimmune disorder that causes joint inflammation, pain and swelling. It can cause very painful swelling and even damage joints.

The root of the rheumatoid arthritis can be both environmental and genetic factors. And one of the most considerable environmental risk factors is smoking. Smokers are under a risk to experience more severe form of this disorder. Because cigarette and tobacco reduces the effectiveness of some drugs that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Quitting smoking can improve your condition and it can also have numerous benefits for overall health.


Hair loss

effects of smoking

Talking about the negative effects of smoking we just can’t ignore the way how its affect to hair health. Scientists have already educated the association between smoking and hair loss. The results show that cigarette smoke has effects on the microvasculature of the dermal hair papilla that causes DNA damage of the hair follicle.

We all normally lose some amount of hair every day and as we age hairs become weaker. However, smoking accelerates this process. Both men and women, especially male smokers, are under a risk to go bald.


Ectopic pregnancy

One of the most surprising and the worst effects of smoking that put the person’s life into a great risk is ectopic pregnancy. Normally pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg attaches the inside of uterus. When the egg implants and grows in other places than uterus it is called ectopic pregnancy.

In this situation the egg can’t survive and what’s more mom’s life also will be at risk. Smoking cigarette before getting pregnant increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.


Age spots

Dermatologists always claim that the main enemy of the skin is sunlight. Spending too much time in the sun causes premature aging of the face and arm skin. When a person smokes he or she becomes more susceptible to develop age spots, dull skin and more wrinkles. Comparing to a non-smoker a person who smokes for a decade will clearly look older.


Erectile dysfunction

effects of smoking

Smoking has the direct impact on male sexual function. Ask how? That’s all because of the insufficient blood supply. Chemicals in tobacco lead to narrowing of blood vessels all over the body. As a result, there blood won’t come in a sufficient amount to male organs causing erectile dysfunction. However, you will see good changes after quitting smoking.


Fertility problems

Female hormone estrogen is a key factor in fertility issues. Unfortunately, smoking can lower the level of estrogen, which in turn can lead to reproduction problems. Smoking women often face difficulties with getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. Moreover, smoking can contribute to other serious problems during pregnancy. Miscarriage, premature birth or delivering an infant with birth defects are among problems smoking women may face.



Smoking-related skin problems don’t end with skin aging. Another disease that smokers are under a risk to develop is – psoriasis. It is a chronic skin condition that causes thick and scaly patches on the surface of knee, elbow, foot, hand and scalp skin.

Also, studies show that psoriasis patients who smoke often undergo severe expression of disease. Smoking makes the situation worse and reduces the improvement rate. If you or people close to you have psoriasis, it is a good reason to quit smoking.


Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is one of the widespread diseases and it accounts for 90% percent of all cases. The body of people with diabetes doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t use insulin normally. And according to studies in 30-40% cases smokers under a risk of developing type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers. Smoking worsens the situation, as for people with diabetes who smoke it’s difficult to control insulin dose.

For smokers with diabetes there is a high risk of developing serious outcomes like peripheral neuropathy, heart and kidney diseases or ulcers and infections in legs. However, if they quit smoking they will have better control of blood sugar level.


Eye problems

effects of smoking

The negative effects of smoking can reach even your eyes worsening your eyesight. Nicotine in cigarettes constraints the production of elements that are responsible for providing you help to be able to see at night. Also, smoking for a long time increases the risk of developing cataracts, which cloud the eye. Besides, macular degeneration is another eye condition that can be caused by smoking which also impacts your vision. The worst thing is that both eye conditions may eventually lead to blindness.


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