How to Lose Weight and Keep Breast Size

to lose weight and keep breast size

For many women who struggle with excess weight losing breast size while losing weight is a real nightmare. The ideal shape for women includes slim body, flat tummy, cellulite-free buttocks, and of course firm and lifted boobs. However, after starting training or diets they notice that along with body fat breasts also start decrease in size. So, is it possible to lose weight and at the same time to keep the breast size?

It is a commonly known fact that women will lose breast size when they lose weight, and everyone who is starting a weight loss journey will have heard it at least once. These stories are often repeated alongside other cautionary tales about losing weight too quickly leading to sagging and loose skin problems. Fortunately, these horror stories don’t paint the whole picture. There are ways to lose the tummy and keep the curves.


Why Breasts Get Smaller After Losing Weight

To understand how to lose weight and keep breast size, it is first important to understand why it happens. Breasts are made up of two parts inside. The dense inner part of the breast consists of fibrous tissue and muscle. Also, breasts are made up of fat, which is the outer cushiony layer. This means that when losing weight, some of the fat lost will come from the breasts.

Unfortunately, you can’t control fat reduction in different parts of your body. So, when you do exercises and start your diet it is inevitable to lose fat in chest and buttocks along with fat in other areas. It often feels like most of the weight comes off the breasts. Indeed, a large portion of weight loss will come from the breasts naturally because it is one of the largest stores of fat in the female body. This is also one of the only places people don’t want to be losing weight, so it can seem more dramatic than it really is.


Losing Weight and Keeping Breast Size

So if losing weight naturally causes the breasts to lose fat, how can you keep breast size the same? The answer lies in the second part of the breasts – the tissue and muscle. Building the muscle underneath will allow your breasts to retain their size while also burning the fat. This method also has the added benefit of creating perkier breasts and reducing the lose skin effect.

For your training you need to choose the right type of exercise. In particular, you have to pay attention to exercises that burn fat and strengthen pectoral muscles. Weight training is the best way to lose weight and keep breast size.


Types of Exercises


Pressing exercise. Maintaining breast size focuses on building muscles in the pectorals. There are many ways to achieve this, one example is pressing exercises. It can be done with classic gym exercises such as dumbbell presses or bench presses, of course, but there are many other options. Chest dips are a fun way to push the intensity of your exercises higher, and also help with balance and other arm muscles.

Push-up exercise. Push-ups are a great way to build pectoral muscles without any equipment necessary. Weighted push-ups and stability ball push-ups, for example, increase muscle strength while burning fat. For those who are new to weight training, they are also a great exercise because they are adaptable to your skill level.

Cardio. Some of the exercises to avoid include those that will only help lose weight and do not build muscle, or build muscles in other areas. Cardio is the best type of exercise for losing weight, but it will not gain muscle in the chest or arms and will reduce breast size more than the types previously mentioned. Cardio will also help build leg muscles as it is generally focused on running or jumping, so it can also create the sagging or loose skin effect on the stomach and breasts. Although cardio can’t (and shouldn’t) be completely avoided, make sure to alternate exercises and focus on weight training more often.


Diet for Losing Weight and Keeping Breast Size

Protein-rich products

A big part of losing weight is diet. However, for building muscle under the breasts, the diet cannot rely solely on fruits and vegetables. Protein is necessary in order to make sure that muscles are growing properly. This means that meals should include plenty of protein-rich ingredients. These are products like eggs, beans, nuts, and lean meats. Fatty meats are counter-productive as they will not help with weight loss, so try to include poultry, fish, or very lean beef and exclude things like fatty steaks or pork.

Estrogenic food

As the name suggests estrogenic products help to increase estrogen level in women. Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone; also it plays an important role in breast development. Eating more estrogenic food stimulates the natural growth of breasts. These products are: soy products, dries fruits, sesame seeds, berries, legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, grains like oats, rye and whole wheat.


Going Slow and Steady

Gaining muscle is a gradual process. Pushing too hard can strain the muscles and injure the body. Losing weight too quickly can also have detrimental effects on the body, including a higher likelihood of gaining the weight back.

Losing weight is a lifestyle change, even if it is focusing on muscle growth. So while it may feel like a lengthy process, try to take your time. It won’t happen overnight, but when you finally reach the body you were looking for, it will feel – and look! – So much better than you ever anticipated.

Smartly chosen training and balanced diet will really help you to achieve the results you wanted. While working out you can burn calories and lose weight and at the same time keep the breast size by strengthening chest muscles and gaining muscle mass. Therefore, if you before afraid of losing your body curves, leave your worries. With our tips you can lose weight without fear of losing the current size of breast.


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