Permanent Makeup – Should I try It or Not

Permanent makeup

Have you ever spent an hour just to draw identical lines with eyeliner? Or have you ever been late for work because of correcting your makeup? Yes, this kind of situation happens from time to time and with lots of women. What do you think about getting up in the morning and after washing up being ready to go out without wearing makeup? Sounds like a dream, right? But, actually it’s not. This is quite possible thanks to – permanent makeup.

Interested? Keep reading and you’ll know how permanent makeup works, its types, risks and benefits.


How does permanent makeup work?

The first thing you need to know is that regular makeup and permanent are two totally different procedures. For permanent makeup specialist doesn’t use super effective long-lasting lipstick or non-washable eyebrow pencil. Actually, it’s a tattooing technique, so the traditional cosmetics won’t be used.

Permanent makeup is also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. That means makeup will be applied using tattooing technique, however it’s not a real tattoo. Unlike a regular tattoo it is less painful and won’t last forever even if it’s called “permanent makeup”. Because permanent makeup doesn’t reach the deep layers of the skin. Generally, it may last from one to three years depending on the type of the makeup.

For cosmetic tattooing a practitioner uses special pen containing iron oxide and ink of color that you want. The needle penetrates into the middle layer of skin and the pigment will be injected. As a result, the micropigmentation creates the look of makeup.


Is permanent makeup safe?

Is permanent makeup will be safe for your health or not depends on where and whom you make it done. To reduce the risks you need to find a qualified specialist with good reputation. Before deciding on procedure, ask for practitioner’s certificate or credentials. You can also request photos of the past works and check the sterilization of tools and ink quality. Also, ask whether you need anesthesia and what kind of medical treatment you will need after the procedure. A good specialist is able to answer all your questions in a professional way.

After consulting and observing you can be sure whether you want to go forward or not. One more important point, before starting make sure that they test the ink for any allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to a particular type of tattoo ink, if they are professional, they know where and how to test it.


Types of permanent makeup

Currently beauty industry has developed to that degree that you can apply non-washable makeup to almost all parts of your face. Eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, lips and it’s difficult to imagine how the industry will change in 10 years.

If we talk about cosmetic tattooing, in general, there are three types of it: microblading, lip blushing and eyeliner. Now let’s go through each one by one.


Eyebrow microblading

It is difficult to find a girl or woman who is completely satisfies with her appearance. Many complaints come about eyebrow form – either they are too short, too long, too thick or not symmetric. In order to deal with this problem we girls spend quite a lot of time in front of the mirror. Gels and pencils really do their job, but in the evening you wash them off and in the morning again the process repeats.

However, there is better solution for eyebrow form problems. Exactly, this is microblading, permanent makeup of your eyebrows.


How it works?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that gives form to eyebrows by drawing small and thin hair-like strokes. The scratches immediately will be filled with pigment and the result will look like a natural eyebrow hair. The process requires using a tool with tiny needle that works as a blade to draw hair strokes.

Despite that it sounds scary the process is almost painless. Most specialists apply cream with numbing effect before starting the process. Therefore, you will barely feel pain, but still it would be a bit uncomfortable.

At the beginning you choose the shape of your future eyebrow, then the specialist draws it upon your brows. When you approve the shape of eyebrow then comes choosing the color and shade. After that the pigmentation process starts.


How long does it last?

As we told earlier permanent makeup won’t last forever, since it is not a real tattoo. As time goes by it will naturally start fading. In general, microblading lasts 1-2 years. However, if you want to look gorgeous every time, once or twice a year you can go to your specialist’s for touch-up.

For microblading you will spend in specialist’s room approximately 1-1,5 hour. One tip from specialists, if you want to have ideal eyebrows and long-term amazing look, then for a week avoid getting wet your eyebrows.


Lip blushing

Similar to microblading lip blush is also a semi-permanent makeup. Actually, lip tattooing is not a new beauty trend; it existed a long time ago. Before lip tattooing was about applying dark lines around lips, where the needle went into the deep layers of the skin. However, lip blushing is a different technique. Unlike lip tattooing, lip blushing requires unique shading and pixelating of colored ink. Each shade matches your lip color, so in the end you will get natural-looking blushed lips.

It is not a cheap procedure, for sure, it will cost huge sums of money. Nevertheless, fans of the procedure think that long-lasting natural look and timesaving benefits totally worth it.


How it works?

Lip blushing can work on different skin types and tones if it’s done by professional cosmetic tattoo master. It is better to get consultation from the expert beforehand and ask all the questions that interest you. Usually the expert will offer you a patch test in order to avoid side effects.

First of all, you choose your “perfect” lip color and the makeup master will create customized shade to match your lip color. After that, your master will map out your lip blush tattoo with a lipliner to form your desired shape. Then comes topical numbing cream.

After that the artist will start applying pigments on your lips with a mechanical gun. The needle will go in and out very quickly penetrating your skin and leaving pigments. In general, the whole process will take about one and a half hour.


How long does it last?

Right after the lip blushing procedure lips will look much darker than the desired shade, but after 2 days in healthy state they’ll look 50% lighter. As the final result you get beautifully flushed lips without lipstick and gloss. Moreover, lips will look fuller even without lip fillers  and injections. The effect will last about 2 years without retouching. However, most lip blushing artists recommend coming for touch-up after eight weeks to even out the tone of lips.

Overall, the healing process will take about ten days. During this period it’s better to avoid spicy food, alcohol, swimming and sunbathing.


Permanent eyeliner

If you are not a makeup artist or an expert in applying eyeliner it is very challenging to achieve perfect eyeliners. Early in the morning you get irritated after removing and redrawing lines several times before going to work. Take it easy. There is a better solution: permanent eyeliner.

Permanent eyeliner is also known as eyeliner tattoo. This beauty procedure uses tattooing technique to achieve perfect natural-looking eyeliners. Even though it involves using permanent ink, the result won’t last forever as in other types of permanent makeup. By the time the ink starts fading and in 3-5 years you need to get touch-up to keep the form of your eyeliners.

If we talk about the benefits of permanent eyeliner, you don’t need to wear eyeliner anymore which helps to save lots of time. Also, this beauty treatment is popular among girls who have sparse and short lashes. Besides, for people who suffer from alopecia it helps to enhance the eye area.


How it works?

If you decided to receive tattoo eyeliner, the first thing you need to do is to find a licensed tattoo makeup artist with good reputation. As the treatment is carried out on face, even a small mistake can lead to deformity. Therefore, it is better to find a professional artist and bring with you a photo of your dream eyeliner.

A week ahead the appointment artists recommend to stop using sensitizing skincare products and avoiding consuming caffeine. Blood thinners like red wine, Aspirin or Advil are also under prohibition because they may cause bleeding and bruises.

On the appointed day your artist will clean your eyes with an eye-approved liquid and apply numbing cream. When the numbing cream starts showing its effect the artist will start inserting color pigments with a special tool. The needle inserts ink into upper layer of the skin between lashes. The process is painless and there won’t be any blood.


How long does it last?

Once applied tattooed eyeliner will look best for about one year. After 2-3 years color starts fading, that means it’s time for you to consider going for touch-ups. Faded tattooed eyeliner looks like a soft grayish color with blurred lines.

If you want to maintain the look you have to properly follow the after-care rules. Ask your tattoo master how to take care after going home, what exactly you can do and can’t do. Overall healing process will last about 10-12 days and until it completely healed you can’t apply makeup on your eyes.


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