The Best Ways to Travel and Make Money

travel and make money

Who wouldn’t like to travel and make money at the same time? The good news is that it is not only possible but also convenient. You may travel from one city to another, visit tourist attractions, buy souvenirs and you don’t have to worry about running out of money. You can definitely make an income while visiting some of the most beautiful places on Earth. So, what’s the secret?


Ways to make money while traveling

These days, there are a lot of ways to make money online, so it would be a shame to leave out the most fruitful source of income of all. The easiest way to start earning right now is to have a following on social media. But you can travel and make money from scratch as well. Of course, you will need to access the Internet.

Travelling makes it possible to work on a farm one day and pick vegetables or fruits somewhere else the next day. Often, restaurant and bar owners need an extra waiter on the weekend. Especially in busy tourist resorts. But these options are the old way to make money while traveling.

Most of the following ideas require only a laptop, a good quality camera, and a stable Internet connection.

1 – Content creation

travel and make money

As briefly mentioned, sharing your traveling experience on social media can get you to earn good money. You can create high-quality content no matter what place you visit. In detail, you can film beautiful locations and put the video on YouTube. But at the same time, you can snap exquisite photos and sell them on stock photography sites.

As you get clients via your social media, you might be working for brands, hotel chains, and people who hire you as an influencer. They may be the first to contact you. Or you could send them emails referring to your social media channels for publicity.

2 – Driving and delivery apps

If you are camera-shy, the best way to travel and make money is by working for apps like DoorDash,Grubhub, Instacart, Roadie, Shipt, Uber Eats, and Veho.There are many of them, and they are always hiring. Job-wise, you deliver anything with your vehicle. Some of them only deal with food from restaurants, while others hand over hard goods or packages.

All you need is a reliable vehicle. But a car with great gas mileage is always better. You would not put miles on your van if it had already got mechanical problems. Otherwise, it would break down all the time.


3 – Sponsored posts on social media

Once you have a few followers, you can do sponsored posts. Beware that you do not need more than 10,000 followers, but you need high-quality content. After all, the people who buy sponsored posts want engaged followers.

Paid promotion may take the form of a product review. Behind the scenes, a brand may send you a product for you to review and promote. Or they might ask for tags in the mandatory posted pictures with the name of the brand in the caption. As soon as you meet the conditions, you may receive payment. Or it could work the other way around if you have a ton of followers and an established reputation.


4 – Teaching a foreign language

travel and make money

If you know 2 or 3 languages it will be only beneficial in a foreign country. You can easily overcome language barrier as well as earn money for living. There are a lot of countries where English is not a primary language and you can teach it to native speakers.

There is always a high demand for good teachers, especially in Asian countries. Just make sure you get TEFL and youknow the basics of teaching. You can look for open ESL/EFL vacancies in a country you are currently traveling online. You can choose working as a private tutor, working as English teacher at school or even at the professional level.

This goes not only to English, you can teach other foreign languages as well. Learn more about what languages are in demand among native speakers.


5 – Working as a tour guide

For those who have permanently relocated to a new country working as a tour guide is the best option. Moreover, it best suits for bilingual travelers who look for long-term job.

Working as a tour guide maybe you can’t earn much money, but this is a good opportunity to explore new places and communicate with lots of people. Make sure you know the local area very well and are familiar with customs and traditions.If you want to travel and make money working as a tourist guide these websites will help you to find a job:

6 – Buying local products and selling online

travel and make money

When you travel abroad one of the most interesting places to visit is, definitely, local markets. In local markets you can find locally grown products, handmade goods, traditional clothes and souvenirs. What’s more you may buy them not only for yourself, but for others too.

Buying local products and selling them online is one of the ways to make money when you travel. Make sure you always check the authenticity of the products, shelf life and storing conditions. Moreover, ask local people about where you can buy best products at a lower price or where you can find rare products.

Compared to other ways of making money, here you need initial investment for purchases. One plus is that you can do that at any time when you are free or even combine this activity with another job.


7 – Becoming a bartender

In any country you can find bars, so finding a job as a bartender won’t be difficult. The only thing you need is bartending skills and being familiar with various drinks. To get this job you don’t need higher degree, any licenses or certificates and no initial investment.

In countries with holiday visa or in countries where big festivals are going to be held, bars and restaurants usually will be full with customers, so they won’t say “no” to extra helpful hands. You may start looking for a job at hostels, as they have high turnover and they can hire travelers.

If you don’t have bartending skill, just don’t give up. Until you master your mixology skill you may pass out fliers for some time. Another option is to become a barista if you are good at making coffee. If you really want something, you’ll always find the way to do it.

8 – Using your existing skills

Do you have something that you are good at? Some skills, talent or good look? Any of your talent can be helpful if you know how to use it. To travel and make money doing activities you like, sounds good, right? Especially, street performances are popular in touristic destinations. Dancing, playing a guitar or saxophone, singing or a fire show; in every country there are people who appreciate art in public areas.

If you have talent in painting,demonstrate your skills with your paintings and sketches; if you are good at cooking, cook for people and get paid for that. You may cut hair, do makeup, teach yoga, do whatever you can do, use your skills wisely and make money.

Learn more the local area and in-demand skills among local people. Moreover, be sure that you perform your skills in permitted areas and your actions are not restricted by authorities.

These websites will help you to offer your skills and find job overseas:

These small tips will help you to make money when you travel and feel new experiences. Don’t be shy, be more creative, maybe you’ll be able to find even better way of making money and share your experience with others.


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