10 Worst Gifts for Women You Should Never Buy

Worst gifts for women

Worst Gifts for Women – Never Buy Them

Some people think buying to women gift is way easier than buying to men due to wide range of choices. You’re greatly mistaken if you think so. When the choice is great the possibility to buy an unwanted gift also increases. Of course, the perfect gift isn’t the same for everyone, but there are some taboos you need to know. So, let’s find out what are the worst gifts for women you should avoid if you’re a new couple or even already married for several years.

First of all, you need to understand that gifts carry symbolic communication between giver and receiver. We attach symbolic meaning to gifts, so you can interpret what person wants to say by giving you a particular gift. That is why gifts can make a person happy or upset. Here are some tips on what not to give women if you want to show her your love and devotion.


1. Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances like blender, toaster or microwave oven are good and useful things, but they are bad as a gift. Unless she asks you to buy one or you knew that she wanted one better avoid buying this kind of stuff. You can give them to her the other day to make her happy, but not on her special day.

2. Cleaning devices

The same goes for cleaning devices and tools. Do not buy them for her special day. On the important day like anniversary or birthday women expect from their beloved person something personal. Let’s say you give your wife a vacuum cleaner on her birthday, what will she think? She will consider it like you are not satisfied with how she keeps the house clean. Maybe she will think that you want her to spend more time at home doing household chores. In any outcome she might be offended.


3. Fitness products or gym membership

For you your significant other is the most beautiful despite her shape and size? Congratulations! You are the best partner. However, if you want to keep your image never give her fitness products or membership in a gym that totally contradicts your words.
Either you give her a fitness product, diet program or a gym membership – everything leads to weight loss. In other words, you are telling her to burn some fat or to change particular parts of her body. That’s insulting and not romantic at all. Instead, try to offer her joint membership or give her a massager, she’ll love it.

Worst gifts for women

4. Cosmetics.

Cosmetics are like a signature, individual for everyone. Women buy cosmetics depending on their skin type, skin condition, state of health, color preference, fashion trends and of course, budget. What if you buy her expensive cosmetics, but she is loyal to another brand, or it is not suitable for her skin type. Or the worst – she might have an allergy for components of the product. So, let her buy cosmetics for herself.
One very important point, never ever buy your significant other anti-ageing products or wrinkle cream. It is very rude. Better stay away from the cosmetics department.


5. Clothes.

It’s a big NO for clothes unless you are a professional designer. There are several reasons for that. First of all, there is a style issue. If you like some dress, doesn’t mean that she will also like it. Girls always try to match their dress to shoes, shoes to bags, bags to jackets, jackets to accessories and so on. It’s complicated. You might not understand this.
The second issue is size. If you get her something small or something big, she’ll feel very uncomfortable or even she might be offended. So, you may extract clothes from the list of gifts for women and add to the worst gifts list.

6. New fragrance or cheap perfume.

Do you want to give your beloved person a perfume as a gift? Great! Do you know what perfume she usually uses? Do you know what kind of fragrance she likes? Is your budget enough to buy her an original perfume and not a fake one? If the answer is “no” then stop it right away. You can’t make her happy with your gift, only disappoint.
There is also a chance that she’ll love new fragrance. If that will happen, then you’re lucky. Otherwise, your gift will lay on some corner with dust for ages until she give it away.


7. Chocolate and candy.

Sure, women like sweets, chocolates and candies. However, this fact doesn’t make them a good gift. Besides, she may be on a diet and do not want the extra calories. If she likes chocolate, you are more than welcome to give her a box of chocolate, but as a complimentary gift to your main gift. This will make her twice happier.

8. Cash.

Cash is very thoughtless gift. As if you couldn’t think of anything better and at the last moment you decided to give her money. Give her money when you are doing shopping together, but please not on her birthday. You are special person to her, so show it to her.


9. Plushe toy.

Bears, bunnies or kitties – do you find them cute? Yes, they are cute. Do girls like them as a hugging toy? Yes, they are. Then, is it a good idea to give her one as a gift? No, no and no. Plushe toy is one of the worst gifts for women and girls. This will show that you are considering her as a kid and you’re not serious in your relationship.


Not all women are the same and the worst gifts may vary. Nevertheless, we tried to give you recommendations that will help to prevent disappointing your significant other on her special day. In the next blog we will talk about gifts women want to get. Good luck on choosing the best gift for a person you love!


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