LED Face Mask Therapy: New Trend in Cosmetology

LED face mask

LED Face Mask Therapy

We are now in 2022, the era of innovations, and almost every day we hear about innovations in different spheres. Whether it is car industry, medicine, education, or beauty industry – changes are colossal. Cosmetology is not an exception. In your every visit to cosmetologist or dermatologist you may find a new skincare device. Today there are available face masks not only for single use, but for serving you many-many times. Also, now you can get luxury face therapy even without leaving home just sitting on your favorite couch. We are talking about light-emitting diodes face mask or just LED light face mask.

LED face mask therapy is a new trend in skin care and it has already become popular among celebrities. If you are an active user of Instagram or Tiktok you’ve probably heard about it. This article will be useful if you want to find out more about LED face mask. Further in this article we will talk about how to use, how it benefits our skin, and the best LED masks.

What is a LED face mask?

LED face masks are a type of wearable device that is worn like a mask to help filter the UV rays from the sun and make your skin glowing. Traditional sunscreens block about 98% of UV rays, while LED face masks block up to 99.9%. It allows you to enjoy outdoor time in the summer without having your skin break out or turn reddish due to overexposure.

That’s just one function of LED mask. Dermatologists love this device due to its ability to treat inflammation, acne, and wounds. Moreover, if you have dull skin, after several treatments your face will start glowing with radiance.

We have 2 types of LED face masks, the low light led masks that can be used as a daily use mask and the high light led masks for photoshop effects.

Does LED light color play a role?

Actually, yes, it does play. Currently in the market you can find masks with 2 light colors: red and blue. They have different wavelength, each of them is effective in different skin problems.

1. Red light facial mask therapy. Red light has a longer wavelength which allows the rays to penetrate very deep into the skin and treat inflammation and redness. Also, it contributes to the increase of collagens in the skin and reduces the wrinkles.

2. Blue light facial mask therapy. This therapy uses comparably shorter wavelength and is good for treating acne and pimples. Blue light makes sebaceous glands work less actively and produce less oil that may cause acne. Moreover, you can eliminate the existing acne through this therapy.

LED light is totally safe and has no harm to you if you use the mask correctly. Because the mask uses the simple LED light and not UV rays that can harm your skin. Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend using it as a part of your skincare routine.

How does it work?

The filters are coupled to an array of surface-mount LEDs and provide protection from UVA and UVB for up to 18 hours. Moreover, by exposing light to the skin the mask stimulates production of collagen. That means, with more collagen your skin becomes resilient and fine lines and wrinkles will reduce. The best part about this is that it doesn’t cause any flashbacks or interference with cameras. It can be used for different purposes like a leisure time mask for times of high UV exposure, photoshop effects, and even as headwear.

There are LED masks that cover full face as well as that target particular parts of face. For example, reVive Light Therapy Lux Collection Lip Care is only a lip care device. Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses is a device for eyes to reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles. However, in this article we’ll more focus on full face LED masks.

How to use LED face mask?

For better results you can use LED face mask either in the morning along with your skin care or at night before going to bed. Morning therapy will give glow and radiance to your skin, so your face will look fresh. Night therapy helps to calm the skin, reduce the redness and treat inflammation.

Session duration varies from mask to mask from 3 minutes up to 30 minutes. Moreover, the amount of therapies per week is also different. Some masks you can use every day, while for others 2-3 times per week is enough. After four weeks of regular therapies you can see the noticeable results.

Best LED face masks of 2022

There are a lot of masks on the market that claim to be the best. But, not all of them are good enough and work as they should. Below are the top 10 masks according to users’ review.

1. Skin Gym Wrinklit LED Mask

Image from dermstore.com

This is the first mask on our list. This Skin Gym Wrinklit LED Mask is used to decrease wrinkles and improve the skin health in a very short time period. It is made up of high-quality fabric and has a very comfortable fitting. Apart from it, the skin also looks more radiant with this mask. If you want to buy this mask, then you can definitely do so by clicking here.

Price: $99 at Dermstore 

2. MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

LED face mask
Image from mzskin.com


This MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device provides a very good glow to your skin. Its feature includes a warm-light and other functions and can be used in headlines, photography, etc. This mask even helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin.

Price: $578 at mzskin.com 

3. Skin Gym Wrinklit Old Age Mask

Image from beautybay.com


The Skin Gym Wrinklit Old Age Mask is another best-LED face mask on our list. People of all ages use this mask and have reported that it has helped a lot in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on their skin. It will also give you very soft and beautiful skin.

Price: $97 at beautybay.com


4. UV Glo Facial Shield UV Sun Protection Sunglasses for Photosynthesis

Image from amazon.com

This UV Glo Facial Shield UV Sun Protection Sunglasses for Photosynthesis is used to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is the third best-LED face mask on our list. This can be used for different purposes, like using it as a daily face mask, photoshop, etc.

Price: $16.89 at Amazon



5. Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro

LED face mask
Image from amazon.com


Dr Dennis Gross DRx Spectralite FaceWare mask is among the best LED masks in the current market. It works with two lights: red light therapy for reducing wrinkles and blue light therapy for acne fighting. You can use red or blue mode or red + blue mode for a combined therapy. It is also best for a sensitive skin as it helps to reduce redness, fight inflammation and even skin tone.

Price: $435 at Amazon


6. CurrentBody Skin LED Mask

LED face mask
Image from currentbody.com

In combination work of red light and near infra-red light therapy this mask helps to rejuvenate your complexion. It stimulates the production of collagens, calms redness, improves blood circulation and creates even skin tone. Moreover, it is clinically proven that CurrentBody Skin LED Mask can help to reduce wrinkles up to 35% just in four weeks. It is not cheap, but the result you may get makes it worth buying.

Price: $399 at currentbody.com


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