Original and Fake Perfume – Tips to Differentiate Them

Original and fake perfume

How to tell if a perfume is fake or original

It might be hard to determine whether a perfume is authentic or not, but shady businesses and individuals are creating knockoff versions of popular scents which are growing every day. Fake fragrances are now viewed as a criminal offense as it is considered a fraud. It is getting more and more challenging to determine original and fake perfume due to perfectionists and counterfeiters.

Follow the tips and precautions below to avoid being duped. We can help you determine the authenticity of the perfume or if it is an imitation. An authentic scent and a knockoff appear to be identical at first glance, yet are fake. There are several traits you may look for to determine whether a scent is authentic or fake. Our tips will help you to find out if the perfume is original only by visually observing them.


Tips to determine original and fake perfume


1. Original is always expensive

Let’s start with a price as it is one of the key elements. Exclusive designer perfumes always have high prices. If the seller convinces you that you can buy original perfume for cheaper price, do not believe, there is no chance that is an authentic fragrance. The only exception can be when the store is closing and for stock clearance they charge lower price for original perfumes. Unfortunately, there are many swindler sellers that sell counterfeit products at a price of real branded products.

Original and fake perfume
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2. The packaging says it all

Upon noticing that the packaging box can easily be bent or trampled, it is clearly of low-quality cardboard and is of low weight, you have a fake perfume at hand. The packaging of original perfumes uses boxes made with high-quality materials to reinforce the boxes and protect the interiors with cardboards to prevent the bottle from breaking or getting damaged. Also, original perfume always has tight plastic cellophane wrapping around the box that you can’t move around the box. If it has a poor wrapping, this should be a signal for you that it is a counterfeit perfume.

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3. No misspelled words

If you notice in the fragrance name or anywhere else misspelled words, be sure, it is a fake product. Designer perfumes are luxury items and the producers will never allow this kind of absurd mistakes. The same goes for grammar mistakes. On the box or on the bottle, nowhere in the text should be even the smallest grammar error.

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4. Country of origin

High quality perfumes contain on the box itself all the necessary information about the fragrance. That includes the country of origin as well, because fake perfumes usually don’t contain this information. Before buying look at the bottom of the plastic sticker or on the bottle, it should contain the country of origin. However, now fake producers offer you perfume with one-to-one packaging, so it becomes to differentiate the original one.

Original and fake perfume
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5. Check the numbers

When you can’t find differences on packaging, then look at the numbers. The lowest rear part, not the sides, must include the barcode. If you have the time, you can verify the serial, batch, and control numbers. All of these numbers will appear on genuine perfume packaging and may be used to independently confirm if it is original.

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6. High quality bottle

Perfume designers will never offer their customers high quality perfume in a cheap bottle. You don’t need to be an expert to distinguish cheap and expensive bottle. When a perfume bottle has a structure of two molds combined or is not continuous, it could be a fake perfume. Another sign is a bit rough and contoured bottle surface. High-quality, original perfumes are contained in very smooth and clear glass. Moreover, check for the dispenser tube. The dispenser tube should be shorter than the bottle and it should not be curved, otherwise, it is a false dispenser tube.

Original and fake perfume
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7. Bubbles on the liquid

The content of the bottle can also give you some useful information about the perfume quality. Big perfume firms employ faint hues as the ultimate outcome of the perfume liquid should be visible from the outside of the bottles. If the bottle is transparent then shake it and look for the bubbles. If the perfume is original then the bubbles will disappear within 10-15 seconds. As for the counterfeit perfume, bubbles will disappear immediately after shaking them.

8. The smell lasts long

Sometimes happens that the package, the box and the bottle are absolutely the same as in the authentic perfume. Then there is no other choice but to check for the smell and its longevity. Original perfumes are made from quality alcohol. Hence it should last long, about 6-8 hours. The fake ones smell toxic and allergenic and the aroma will disappear within 2-3 hours. Unfortunately, you can’t check how long will last the smell before buying it neither online nor in the store.


Where to buy Original Perfumes

Sometimes, it may not be a lot easier to distinguish between original and fake perfumes. Fake perfumes are displayed in low-end markets at unbelievable low prices. They are also sold together with A-class items like shoes, bags, and clothes. Bargain markets are the ones that mostly sell fake perfumes. These can also be sold by independent seller-suppliers on social media platforms and online shops. Here some sites where you can buy original perfumes.

Original perfumes have exclusive sellers. They are displayed in branded stores and shops registered by the government. Some online sellers claim that they sell authentic items, but this may not be true at all times. These can be found in malls, outlet chains, and hotel outlets. Aside from buying the brand stores and boutiques, you can buy original perfumes at department stores, duty-free, and licensed sellers.


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